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You have made such an impact on the Kingdom of God through your serving and giving to our church family. 

You are a Kingdom Builder! His Kingdom come, His will be done!

As you know, we are in the middle of one of the largest expansions in the history of Dream City Church and in the coming years, across the state of Arizona.

God has laid on my heart to elevate our church to be a place of truth in dark culture and a place of unconditional, unapologetic love for people. The lost and brokenhearted are hearing the Gospel and experiencing the love of Jesus through our expansive outreach ministries within our church and out in the community. We gave over $700,000 to outreach in 2023! You are making this possible!

You have given in abundance to the Kingdom and I write you today for two purposes: gratitude and relationship. I want to personally thank you for the sacrificial giving that you have made over these last two years and I am humbled by how God is using our giving to bring increase! As you know, through my sermons or in building relationships with you, I will always show you that I care by sharing my heart in transparency. To that end, I want to be thoughtful in our message to you as we approach one of the most important sermon series of this year. 

At the end of this current Strong Church series, we will be reinforcing the vision God has given us on March 3rd and we will conclude the series on March 10th to be a strong church in generosity to reach the next generation and the lost. As an integral part of the final service of our series, we will be asking our church to commit a new Kingdom Builder faith promise or recommit to complete their current faith promise for 2024. 

For those who have met or exceeded your Kingdom Builder commitment, thank you! YOU are leading the way to ensure Kingdom Builders is a core to our culture and DNA as a church. As you know, we are blessed to be a blessing and building His Kingdom will never end. The Strong Church Generosity service is intended as an opportunity for all of us to look at 2024 in how we will build, grow, and dream. We also want to provide an opportunity to those that may be new to our church or for those that may need inspiration to complete the financial commitment we have made to build these buildings to impact the future generations to come and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. 

Please be in prayer for this time, as we want to see God size miracles in seeing these buildings fully funded. I know He will provide all we need according to His riches in Glory, according to His word! 

Warm regards, 

Pastor Luke Barnett

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