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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

special guest Dr. Daniel Amen

In an effort to continue winning the American Culture War, TPUSA Faith launched Freedom Night in America with Founder and CEO Charlie Kirk. These monthly rallies are designed to speak to our coast-to-coast network of congregations and call the faith community to action.

Thousands of American churches, synagogues, and temples are aligned with TPUSA Faith’s mission to restore traditional American values. Unfortunately, these houses of worship currently lack both civic engagement & other opportunities to make a positive cultural change in our nation.

With Freedom Night in America, TPUSA Faith is activating millions of faith-filled patriotic Americans by giving them the necessary tools to bridge the gap of Faith and Freedom in an effort to save the country!

To learn more about TPUSA, click here.

On the first Wednesday of every month, Charlie Kirk and Pastor Luke Barnett of Dream City Church will be speaking to the congregation regarding faith and freedom. Luke Barnett is the Senior Pastor of Dream City Church, whose mission is to lead people into a fully-devoted relationship with Jesus Christ under a common mission to gather as God’s people, grow in understanding of God’s Word and grace, and reach out to serve others in Jesus’ name.