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Fall Spiritual Growth Campaign

October 3rd

If You Only Knew How Good God Is

If God is good all the time, then shouldn’t his plan for my life always be good?  Obviously, everything that happens in life is not good, and God never promised that it would always be good. But God promises that his plan for our life is always good and never bad. Just knowing that God is always good, and therefore his plan for our life is always good, should give us great confidence and motivation to pray.  If God is not good, then there is zero motivation to pray. And it is through prayer that we understand his good plan for our life.

October 10th

If You Only Knew You Were Created to Talk to God

God deeply desires to communicate with us through prayer.  And, in fact, God created us with the capacity to communicate with him.  Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “God has planted eternity in the human heart.”  Come learn how God deeply desires to talk to us.  It’s how we experience his plan and blessings in life.

October 17th

If You Only Knew That You Could Pray All Throughout Your Day

Join us for a special “Illustrated Sermon.”  Learn how to walk through your day and how to pray without ceasing in a meaningful way.

October 24th

If You Only Knew That God’s “No” Is an Answer to Prayer

We will learn how God always answers prayer.  Sometimes God says, “No,” and there are reasons behind every “No.” Sometimes God’s “No,” is the greatest blessing for our lives.

October 31st

If You Only Knew How to Pray in Different Dimensions

God is a multi-dimensional God, and therefore we need to learn to pray in 5 dimensions.  We can pray by looking backward to the cross. We can pray by looking upward to our father’s loving face. We can pray by looking inward to Jesus, who lives in us. We can pray by looking around at our world and asking God to use us. And we can pray looking forward in faith to our future.

November 7th

If You Only Knew How to Pray for Healing

When we finally admit that we are not in control, humble ourselves and ask for God’s Help, seek God rather than seeking the miracle, and turn our attention away from the world to God’s Word, that is when we position ourselves to receive healing and restoration.

November 14

If You Only Knew How God Wants to Use You

This weekend will be a visionary weekend where we will talk about all God has done through prayer at Dream City. And all that we are planning to do in the future.

November 21st

“Heart For The House” Miracle Offering

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Midweek Fusion Groups

Beginning Wednesday, October 6th

Phoenix & Scottsdale Campus

Join us on Wednesday night in October and November for a brief time of worship and teaching. After that break off into your small group where you will gather and discuss the teaching as well as have a time to pray for other members of your group.

Daily Bread Devotional

Download our mobile app to receive a daily 3-5 minute video to kick off your day.

21 Days of Prayer

Beginning Monday, October 11th • 6am

Phoenix Campus

Join us every morning Monday-Saturday at 6am for 21 days of prayer. We will gather for 1 hour at our Phoenix Campus Main Auditorium.

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