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They say we live in “the information age.”

We can find facts, answers, and pertinent data by simply clicking, downloading, or streaming. Truth itself is presented in helpful brochures. Or, to go deeper, we can instantly access teaching from self-help messages, gurus, and life coaches. If that doesn’t work, there’s always Oprah.

Our world will always present us with truth claims. How can we tell what holds up against the standard of Biblical teaching? Jesus knows all the answers, how we should think, or discern what is true and false. But He didn’t make it easy. The Bible isn’t presented with Encyclopedia formatting. He wants us to struggle, search, and use our minds – that is how we grow.

Is it possible to discover what Jesus thinks about urgent, contemporary issues? What does Jesus say about life, the afterlife, heaven and hell, manhood, freedom, lust, and many other topics? Jesus Christ is humble, lowly, and kind, AND the master and primary authority in all the universe. He speaks with authority and tenderness. He speaks to you.

Using His teachings alone, we will unpack controversial topics to help us see God’s truth with new eyes. Join us for a special, 9-week series: “What Did Jesus Say About ______ ?” beginning Sunday, May 28th at Dream City Church as we take a deep dive into the teachings of Jesus Christ. Forget competing, surrounding cultural voices trying to tell you how to live. Focus on Christ alone and be transformed.

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