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At Dream City Church Scottsdale, we see people, not buildings. Dream City Church Scottsdale is led by Pastor Dave Ansell. We have a beautiful location with special people to reach the surrounding communities for the Gospel.

As we focus on reaching North Scottsdale for the Kingdom, we are looking to grow our impact on children, youth, and young adults. To that end, we are excited to expand our campus footprint to grow Dream City Christian School.

We love fellowship and connection and we are expanding the lobby and building recreational areas to foster relationships.

Please see more exciting updates below.

Introducing Dream City Scottsdale Campus 

The Scottsdale campus boasts a picturesque and expansive setting characterized by its open floor plan and seamless indoor-outdoor transition facilitated by glass doors. This inviting space provides ample accommodation for an elementary school, featuring a generously sized gathering area and well-appointed individual classrooms.

With its spacious layout and modern design, the Scottsdale campus offers a serene oasis for learning and community-building, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for students and staff alike.

In Scottsdale, our plans include building a children and youth ministry, adding a 5,900 sq. ft. lobby, creating a fresh coffee area, introducing an outdoor play area with brand-new equipment, illuminating an exterior sport court with lights for pickleball, and enhancing our entry area.

How Can You Be A Kingdom Builder?

We see generational impact as core to our mission at Dream City Church. The next generation will be engaged with the love of Christ while standing for truth in a dark culture. Your contributions through Kingdom Builders support Dream City Christian School in Phoenix, Dream City College, Fine Arts, and more. Please visit our website for more information or to donate to our Dream City, Phoenix campus.

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