Phoenix Dream Center

The Phoenix Dream Center serves over 40,000 people each month and believes in the incredible potential of the at-risk youth, homeless, and needy within our community. Services at the Phoenix Dream Center include a residential rehabilitation program, shelter and care for victims of human trafficking, affordable housing for men and women in transition, and distribution of food and clothing throughout various Phoenix neighborhoods where the predominately poor reside.

The mission and vision of the Phoenix Dream Center is to help at-risk youth and the needy families of our community by restoring hope and allowing them to dream again. The Phoenix Dream Center aims to become an inner city resource that will help distribute hope to the homeless, food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, and restoration to the broken.

Where Hope Lives

Where Hope Lives provides hope and restoration for young women and girls who have fallen victim to sexual exploitation through human trafficking. Currently, an overwhelming majority of these victims are sent to juvenile hall or prison because there is no safer alternative. Where Hope Lives is specifically structured to meet the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional needs of these young women. While in the program, each participant receives mentoring by trained life coaches, access to therapy and counseling, the opportunity to receive their GED or high school diploma, access to a licensed physician, and legal help. The goal of Where Hope Lives is that upon leaving, each young woman will be equipped to live a healthy, independent life. Do you need assistance? Contact the Where Hope Lives Program at 602-346-8786 or info@phxdreamcenter.org. For Emergency Rescue Services please call our 24-hour helpline at 602-516-0033.


Atmosphere is our Saturday night youth outreach that focuses on at-risk youth in our community. We have music, lights, a dance floor, and the teens challenge each other in what is called a Dance Battle. After that, we challenge them to think beyond just today and to think about their future. We provide free food and refreshments and offer food and clothing assistance. Our goal is to help them to become successful in every area of their life.

Prison Ministry

The Dream City Church Prison Ministry in partnership with Church on the Street is building the Body of Christ behind the prison walls. Regular services are conducted in the nearby Federal Prison, Perryville State Prison, and in the County Jails. To request a visit, contact the Church on the Street office, 602-257-8918. The inmates’ booking number or DOC number is most helpful, along with his/her location.

Foster Care Relief

Each year, nearly 600 Arizona youths in foster care age out of the system upon reaching their 18th birthday. At this time, some unfortunately are only given a black trash bag with their belongings and sent into society. Sadly, over half of these young adults, each year, will enter unknown and often dangerous situations. The Phoenix Dream Center has now opened 21 beds for these youths at its Grand Avenue facility, where they receive care, support, and hope for a future in which they become productive and thriving members of our community. Contact The Foster Care Program at 602-346-8767 or fostercare@phxdreamcenter.org for more information.

Dream Center Living

The Phoenix Dream Center provides furnished suites for single working men and women in a Godly environment, and provides alcohol/tobacco/drug-free living quarters for employed adults. Contact The DC Living Office at 602-346-8767 or dcliving@phxdreamcenter.org for more information.

Get Help

The programs of the Phoenix Dream Center are available to meet the needs of hurting and lost people by teaching them how to overcome life-controlling issues that range from homelessness, hunger, and lack of education to substance abuse and human trafficking.

  • If you or someone you know is in need of food, clothing, or other form of assistance, please contact our Resource Center at 602-346-8716 or gethelp@phxdreamcenter.org
  • Are you or a loved one interested in joining our 15-month Christian Life Recovery School? Contact our Church on the Street offices to learn more about enrolling in the program at 602-346-8726 or mail@cotsphoenix.com
  • For information or services related to Human Trafficking, please contact the Rescue Project Program at 602-346-8786 or rescueproject@phxdreamcenter.org.
    For Emergency Rescue Services, please call our 24-hour helpline at 602-516-0033.

For more info, visit phxdreamcenter.com

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