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February 27th – March 1st,2023, hundreds of pastors, ministry leaders, and church teams from around the world joined us in Phoenix, AZ, for our once-in-a-lifetime DREAM Conference! What may be the longest-running annual conference in the world (43 straight years!) has made a massive impact in past years –  and this year was no exception. 

Find the people no one else wants and bring them to church: That has been the heart and soul of Dream City Church for decades–and we live up to that. Dream City has more than 300 Dream Centers worldwide, all characterized by a single-minded determination to reach the “least among us.”

We take God’s word and kingdom-building work seriously and cherish the opportunity to share that vision with other leaders. Dream Conference is unique in that the focus is not primarily on speakers–although we heard from some of the best! The focus centers more on the practical applications of mission-minded, compassionate, and biblical ministry work in a dark world. 

We were thrilled at the turnout of this year’s DREAM Conference: ON THIS ROCK! Dream Conference allowed us to spill our dreams, overflowing, into the lives of other ministry workers who share a similar vision to reach and save a lost and hurting world. 

We invited Christian leaders to come and see! And they came. Leaders and ministry workers worldwide experienced the chance to learn how to be the hands and feet of Christ in practical ministries. These ministries include but are not limited to food ministries, evangelism, foster care ministries, men’s and women’s ministries, and human sex-trafficking relief ministries.

Leaders were given an outpouring of ideas and were challenged, blessed, inspired, and encouraged to take up these light-giving, life-saving miniseries in their own communities. They took away practical tips and tools for getting ministries off the ground, finding volunteers and funding, and launching this work throughout all stages of growth. They also learned how to advance the gospel in new and fresh ways. 

At Dream City, we strike an unusual balance between standing strong against woke politics while still reaching the hurting and lost–which has confused our city! But that’s precisely what Christ did when he walked this earth. He showed steel and compassion both, in balance, in abundance, and confused the watching world. 

Missed Out? 

If any of these topics interest you, Dream City offers another vital source of support for Church leaders and ministers. If you missed this year’s conference, first, please check out DREAMomentum for many more resources, talks, tools, and tips curated for the purpose of helping other ministry leaders. 

Second, you can also register and attend our other upcoming conferences, such as SHE IS, a woman’s conference happening this May. Finally, visit us for church or jump into any of our many ministries in AZ or worldwide. Listen to online sermons and join us Sunday for worship! 

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