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Our previous lesson explored the significance of crafting a marriage vision statement. This mission serves as a guiding force that challenges us to envision our future while providing direction for our decisions.

However, we must define two more crucial elements to fulfill our vision statement: PURPOSE and MISSION.

What is the purpose of vision in a Christian marriage?

How does it empower couples to live purposefully according to God’s plan?
Defining Jesus’ Vision
Before understanding the purpose of vision in a Christian marriage, we must first grasp Jesus’ vision.

Jesus’ vision is His bride — the Church — encompassing all who believe in Him—however, an insurmountable obstacle needed to be overcome to fulfill this vision – sin.

Passion is the driving force that compelled Jesus to endure the cross, fulfilling His purpose. Passion propels vision forward, empowering us to overcome obstacles in our path. We need passion to accomplish our vision when confronted with challenges.
Discovering Your Marital Purpose:
To pinpoint our purpose in marriage, we need to consider four distinct parts: gifts and talents, passion, people, and places.

Gifts and Talents:

God has bestowed unique gifts and talents upon each individual. When combined with those of our spouse, these gifts create a synergistic effect that enhances our joint purpose. Our gifts, such as management, administration, service, compassion, teaching, or communication, may vary. It is crucial to recognize that our gifts and talents, even if they go unnoticed by others, hold immense value in God’s plan.


Passion is a driving force that empowers our purpose. Discovering our passion involves introspection and envisioning what we would pursue if resources were limitless. This reflection unveils the deepest desires of our hearts and directs us towards activities and causes that ignite our passion. Finding and embracing our passion enables us to pursue our purpose zealously and enthusiastically.


As we grow in our relationship with Christ, we realize that our gifts and talents are meant to benefit others for God’s glory. It becomes essential to identify the people we feel called to serve together. This calling extends beyond mere volunteering or vocation; it is a heartfelt desire to impact others positively. What people do you feel the call to serve together? What arena do you see your combined gifts being released?


It is common for people to believe that serving God requires grand endeavors or missionary work. However, the Bible reminds us that every honest occupation becomes sacred and spiritual when performed for God’s glory. A mechanic can serve God with the same depth of devotion as a minister. As we align our gifts, passion, and the people we are called to serve, we will gain clarity regarding the most suitable place to fulfill our purpose.
The Purpose Formula:
Combining the elements of gifts and talents, passion, people, places, and vision, we arrive at the purpose formula: (GIFTS AND TALENTS + PASSION + PEOPLE + PLACES X VISION) = LIFE OF PURPOSE

Observing Inspiring Couples:

By closely observing couples who inspire us, we often find that their lives are characterized by purpose. They have embraced their gifts and talents, nurtured their passion, served others with love, and found the right places to fulfill their calling. As we faithfully pursue our marital purpose, we will witness our sphere of influence expanding, enabling us to impact more lives for God’s glory.
Crafting Your Mission Statement:
While vision represents our defined future and lifelong destination, the mission is the daily promise we make to one another through words and actions. Engaging in our purpose and fulfilling our vision requires staying on mission daily.

Our future is shaped by the daily choices we make. As Pastor Luke said, “You’re potential is in your patterns,” meaning your small, everyday decisions and choices that are often forgettable and seem menial at the time.
Are You Ready to Create Your Purpose Statement?

Considering your gifts, talents, passion, people, and places, set aside some time with your spouse without distraction to pray and think over the purpose and mission you believe God is calling you to.

If you want to learn more about the mission and create your mission statement as a married couple, please join us for our weekly DREAMarriage classes. Visit our website to find more information or to sign up to participate. We can’t wait to meet you!

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