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In the early chapters of Genesis, God set the stage for human relationships by creating marriage. In the Garden of Eden, before sin entered the picture, Adam and Eve experienced not only an individual connection with God but also spiritual companionship with each other and God in marriage. Marriage was always intended to be a spiritually intimate community, and there is no reason to assume that this changed over time.

Focus Verse


“For this reason, a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife, and they two shall become one flesh. This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the Church.” – Ephesians 5:31-32


As caretakers of a sacred promise, Christian couples are urged to mirror the profound unity between Christ and His Church within their marriages. Though this journey may pose challenges, its rewards are boundless, as it brings our union into harmony with the core of God’s intentions.

Understanding Spiritual Pathways

Each person embarks on a distinct spiritual voyage, marked by various avenues of connecting with God. When these diverse approaches are grounded in biblical principles, a certain degree of variety is not only acceptable but also enriching. Acknowledging and respecting these individual paths in our spouse is vital for nurturing spiritual closeness. Let’s delve into these pathways, as described in Gary Thomas’s work, Sacred Pathways, and see how they play out in our own experiences.

What’s Your Path?


  • Enthusiasts: Drawn to vibrant worship and celebration.
  • Naturalists: Find solace and connection in the wonders of creation.
  • Sensates: Engage deeply with God through the arts, music, and beauty.
  • Activists: Seek divine connection through active participation in Christ-centered causes.
  • Traditionalists: Find comfort and the presence of God in structured rituals and symbols.
  • Caregivers: Experience God’s love and presence through serving others.
  • Intellectuals: Encounter God through study, reflection, and gaining knowledge.
  • Contemplatives: Crave intimate, devotional worship and reflection.
  • Ascetics: Seek spiritual engagement through silence and solitude.

Shared Spiritual Journey

Complete the assessment individually, then compare your results with your spouse’s. As we consider the various ways we engage with God individually, it’s natural to focus on our personal spiritual growth, leveraging our preferences to deepen our connection with the divine. However, it’s crucial to recognize that in marriage, we embark on a shared spiritual journey as well.

To overcome this barrier and foster spiritual growth as a couple, consider these strategies:


  1. Prioritize Daily Prayer: Make praying together a habitual practice. This is the primary and foundational way to incorporate spiritual intimacy into your marriage. All other attempts will fail without this cornerstone practice.


  1. Set Spiritual Goals: Define shared spiritual aspirations and formulate a plan to achieve them.


  1. Read Devotionals Together: Engage in discussions on biblical perspectives tailored for married couples.


  1. Dream and Pray about the Future: Foster a shared vision and mission for your marriage.


  1. Affirm with Scripture: Lift each other up with encouraging words rooted in the Word of God.


  1. Join a Bible Study Group: Cultivate relationships with other couples pursuing God’s plan.


We can also blend our individual paths by investing time together in cultivating spiritual intimacy as a couple. Let’s get creative! If one of you resonates with nature, consider incorporating prayer walks into your spiritual routine. Perhaps one of you leans towards intellectual pursuits while the other is more inclined towards enthusiastic worship. In such cases, you could combine celebratory worship with meaningful scripture study.


Invite the Holy Spirit to lead you as you dedicate yourselves to nurturing spiritual intimacy in your marriage. Trust in His guidance to infuse your journey with diversity and excitement. Embrace the adventure and the deeper intimacy that awaits you as you journey together in faith. To learn more about Christian marriage or to get plugged into our marriage ministry at Dream City Church, visit our website or contact us today. 

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