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It’s commonly known that some churches grow and flourish, producing a wide impact on the community around them, while other churches barely keep their doors open. Are you a Pastor who longs to shine God’s light in a dark world? Are you eager to spread God’s grace and hope to those in need? Do you yearn to offer a powerful message, distinct from what the world offers, that fuels a greater vision for growth?

Today the church is beset on all sides with pressures and attacks to conform to what the world is offering. People look to their leaders for comfort, backbone, humility, integrity, and firm leadership. 

A Testament of Growth 

Dream City Church grew from 1 to 10 campuses in only seven years with an impact that now reaches over 30,000 people. We offer life-giving ministries for marriages, families, and individuals within our community. But our ministry spreads even further than this. We advocate for human sex-trafficking victims and help the homeless, foster children, and those struggling with addictions. 

Our vision reaches local, regional, and even global levels, including such ministries as Thrive, Where Hope lives, Streetlight USA, Mom’s Pantry, Grief Share, and many more. 

How did we do all this? MOMENTUM 

Decades of teaching, preaching, visionary leadership and ministry on behalf of Tommy Barnett and his son Luke have yielded a rich bounty of shared insights. All of that is available to you as a pastor or business owner. 

Introducing DREAMomentum

DREAMomentum is a multi-dimensional platform featuring sermons, insightful conversations,  innovative wisdom, financial advice, practical tools, and solutions for ministry and growth from Pastor Tommy, Pastor Luke, and many other speakers and ministers. 

Collected conveniently in one place, we offer you a pool of resources intended to fuel and feed you, your team, and your ministry. With a subscription to DREAMomentum, you can learn how to grow your ministry or business, build momentum, and lift your dream to new heights. 

DREAMomentum is the solution to growing your organization. 

Dream Conference

You might also consider registering for our annual Dream Conference, during which we invite you to join hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders. Registration is now open! Get tickets here

Make 2023 a year of new growth and positive impact! 

When you subscribe to DREAMomentum now, you can get your first week for free! Make use of this resource to renew your vision. Train your team, and fuel your dreams. Rediscover the heart and passion that drew you to ministry and working with people in the first place. 

Dream with us. Find momentum. Subscribe here

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