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In a world grappling with gender identity, rediscovering and embracing true masculinity has never been more crucial. 

Often, in pursuing godliness, men mistakenly believe that kindness requires them to lose touch with their unique masculine identity. They adopt behaviors that may even seem effeminate. 

Others overreact to this in the opposite extreme, embracing false and toxic masculinity. Neither approach captures authentic, biblical masculinity. 

Our upcoming Dream City Men’s Conference: FORGE, seeks to address these challenges by helping men recover a genuine and biblical version of masculinity that reflects the character of Christ.

What is Biblical Masculinity?

By examining the attributes of Christ, we uncover a roadmap for men to emulate, empowering them to fulfill their God-given purpose with strength, courage, and sacrificial love.

Attributes of Christ:

  • Mission-Minded: Jesus displayed unwavering determination, setting His focus on His mission. Men are called to be purpose-driven, channeling their energy toward fulfilling their unique assignments in life.
  • Leader: Throughout His ministry, Jesus exhibited leadership, guiding His disciples. Men are called to lead with integrity, providing guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support to those in their care.
  • Tough: Jesus exemplified true strength, standing firm in the face of extreme challenges. Men are called to embody resilience, facing trials with courage and determination.
  • Sacrificial: All of the above traits were demonstrated for the sake of another. Many men can be strong or mission-minded, but few can do all these things sacrificially. Yet this is what God calls men to. 

Jesus demonstrated sacrificial love by willingly giving up His life for others. Men are called to embody this love through selfless acts of service, protection, and provision for their loved ones and those in need.

God’s Work in Men:

The path to embracing true masculinity is no easy road. After bringing unthinkable trials into his life, God told Job: “Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me.” (Job 38:3).

God distinctly molds men, refining them, toughening them. 

At our upcoming Forge Conference, we are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our event: the presence of a quarter horse in a sand pit accompanied by a skilled cowboy. This captivating demonstration will not only showcase horsemanship but also deliver powerful lessons on harnessing the power and force of masculinity. 

God is hard on men. God says, “Prepare yourself like a man…” but, like taming a horse, the purpose is not to break you but to harness your strength and power so that it can be fueled by servant-hearted leadership in your home, church, and workplace. 

Dream City Church invites you to join us at Forge Conference this October as we kick things off with a 50 ft. bonfire, draw together as brothers in Christ, and experience an unforgettable weekend that will awaken and ignite your sense of purpose.

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