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If you’re a Christian man seeking a transformative experience to rejuvenate your life’s purpose and deepen your connection with Christ, the upcoming Forge Men’s Conference is an event you won’t want to miss. 

This fall, seize the opportunity to recalibrate your vision and embrace a life empowered with God’s purpose. Are you longing to rebalance your family and home, reignite your passion for Christ, and gain guidance toward the future you were uniquely created for? Stick around for more information.

Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable speakers who will be sharing their wisdom and insights at this year’s Forge conference:


  • Todd Pierce: An engaging speaker, Todd Pierce kicks off the conference with a striking analogy between a wild horse and a worship team. In a dynamic 45-minute session, he explores the profound idea of Jesus’s pursuit of our hearts. Using the wild horse metaphor, he shows how Christ lovingly pursues us, ultimately becoming a fatherly presence in each man’s life. Todd’s captivating teaching style, along with his equine demonstration, provides a new view of Christ’s unwavering love and pursuit.


  • Robert Owens: A remarkable athlete, Robert Owens shares his inspiring journey as a 12-time Iron Man finisher and his triumph in completing the 50-hour Kokoro Navy SEAL hell week simulation at the age of 69. Through his experiences, Robert demonstrates the profound connection between endurance, resilience, and faith. 


  • Luke Barnett: Luke Barnett, the senior pastor of Dream City Church, brings a heartwarming perspective to the conference. With a passion for humanitarian relief and human trafficking rescue, Luke advocates for compassion and Christlike sacrifice. He shares insights on how every man can make a tangible difference by embodying Christ’s love and extending help to those in need. 


  • Todd Matchett: Todd Matchett’s journey from a former bouncer and gym owner to a full-time minister is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Todd’s personal transformation highlights the redemptive power of God’s grace and the call to a higher purpose. As an exceptional communicator, storyteller, and gospel preacher, Todd’s session promises to leave a lasting impact.


  • Franklin Santagate: Franklin Santagate, a key leader of Forge, has dedicated his life to ministering to men across nations. His powerful message that “Christ-likeness and manhood are synonymous” challenges men to embody Christ’s character and values in every aspect of their lives. Franklin’s teachings provide a blueprint for embracing true masculinity while nurturing a deep, authentic relationship with Christ.

The Forge conference boasts a lineup of extraordinary speakers committed to guiding Christian men toward a more purposeful and passionate life in Christ. Through engaging stories, profound teachings, and personal journeys of transformation, these speakers will equip you with the tools to ignite your passion for Christ. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to be inspired, challenged, and renewed at the Forge conference this fall. 

Bring your dads, brothers, and buddies. Mark your calendars, secure your spot, and get ready to embark on a journey of faith and transformation like never before. Spaces are limited. Register now. Visit Dream City Church for more information or to register, click here


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