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In our current cultural climate, there has been a relentless attack on even the basic definition of masculinity, resulting in its gradual erosion and near loss. The repercussions of this are evident as men struggle to find their footing in a hostile world. Some men succumb to the pressure and adopt practices that may be considered effeminate, while others react by embracing harmful aspects of toxic masculinity.

What does it mean to be a man of God?

Introducing Forge Men’s Conference: The Making of A Man

Forge aims to equip and empower men to become the best versions of themselves, embracing their calling as men of God who will stand, commit, and execute God’s word, will, and way.

The Forge Men’s Conference is a transformative event designed to guide men on a journey of growth, faith, and self-discovery. 

Join like-minded men yearning for more in life and in their faith. For men confronted with various challenges, often without clear answers in confusing times, Forge serves as a refuge. This conference provides a valuable opportunity to acquire profound insights that empower men to rise above mediocrity, mature, and grow in Christ, men who are equipped to go out and profoundly impact the world. 

  • Find Direction: The journey toward becoming a better man often comes with confusion and uncertainty. We recognize the struggles men face and seek to provide clarity and guidance. If you are unsure about your future or are hitting a wall in life, Forge offers a clear roadmap to navigate life’s complexities and discover your purpose.
  • Break Free from Mediocrity: Break free from the ordinary, take risks, and step outside your comfort zone. Many men find themselves trapped in a maze of mediocrity, leading monotonous lives devoid of color and risk. We will challenge you to your limits so you can discover newfound purpose and fulfillment.
  • Make Wise Choices: Every choice has consequences, even those made behind closed doors. Forge recognizes the power of integrity. We encourage you to consider the cost of your choices prayerfully and biblically. Take ownership of your actions through confession, repentance, and biblical accountability.  
  • Champion a “Can Do” Mindset: Doubt, fear, risk of failure, and hesitation can hinder your growth and prevent men from seizing significant opportunities. Forge aims to cultivate a “can do” mindset, where failure is seen as fertilizer for future success. By trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can overcome obstacles and embrace the promises of God. At Forge, you will be encouraged to move forward confidently, knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide you through every step.
  • Strengthen Friendships: A man’s purpose and value extend beyond his journey. Forge communicates a clear vision for men, emphasizing their roles and responsibilities in various relationships. Beginning with your relationship with God, gain a deeper understanding of how to enrich your relationships with: 
  • Your wife – be her irresistible husband and spiritual leader.
  • Your children – be the hero-father every son wants to be like and every daughter wants to see in a prospective husband.
  • Your friends – be the one who stands with his friends no matter what.
  • Your spiritual leaders – be willing to be led toward change and growth.
  • Your co-workers – be the worker who is counted on for his excellence.

Ready to Grow as A Man of God?

Choose to be a man who does not look back, let up, slow down, or flinch. Leave behind a small, safe, petty, flimsy vision for life. 

Your mission is clear, you belong to Christ, and you cannot be bought by the world. Be unyielding in the face of temptation, refuse to compromise, and be unwilling to settle for a life of mediocrity. Become the man God intends you to be. Live by faith, walk with patience, and rely on Christ alone. Let prayer be your foundation as you diligently work and lead, all in the name of God.

Bring your friends, and celebrate real manhood with real men! For more information or to register, click here or visit our website at Dream City Church

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