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Referral Form

Volunteer Ministries

“Our mission is to lead people into a fully-devoted relationship with Jesus Christ by loving people, cultivating community, and inspiring hope.”

As we take our leadership very seriously, it is important for us to know each person’s level of faithfulness, commitment, and spiritual maturity. This reference form will be sent to two people to complete.

  • The first person is for a spiritual reference, and needs to be a Pastor or Small Group Leader at Dream City Church.
  • The second person should be someone who has known you for at least 6 months, and is involved at Dream City Church.


Reference from Pastor or Small Group Leader



Second Reference



Your Information




Your Involvement: 

Do you regularly attend weekly services?

How long have you been attending Dream City Church (YY/MM)  

Example: For 1 year, and 5 months, you would enter 0105  


Please list the Tier 2 ministries in which you are currently involved.

DCC encourages individuals to be involved in Tier 2 ministry before proceeding to Tier 3.


What is the leadership role(s) you desire to serve in?


Please sign in the box below

NOTE: This form will be forwarded with your information to the two individuals you have indicated for a reference.