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How may we serve you better?

Dream City Church

We are growing in so many ways. . .   personally, organically, and physically with additional campuses. To increase our effectiveness in ministering to you, and to be able to better determine where resources may be focused for the future, we have put together a short questionnaire.

In Philippians, the Apostle Paul spoke in generous terms of the Philippian Christians. They were people whom he loved and longed for, his joy and his crown (4:1). He wanted this love to overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight, so that in the day of the Lord they might be pure and blameless (1:9-10). 

We want to remind you how important you are to God, and to the leadership here at DCC. You make a difference with your prayers, your positive demeanor, and your support which you give in so many ways. Thank you.

The community that we are building at Dream City Church focuses on what we call our "5 G's." The five values that we are raising up in the hearts and lives of DCC's people represent the five values that were present in the early New Testament church, which made it so supernatural! In other words, if we see these five values being lived out in our lives, then we are carrying out the great commission.

GRACE - Where our walk with Christ begins

Volunteer your time to help other non-profit organizations, other than DCC?

Invite someone to come to church with you

Volunteer your time to help at DCC

There are many versions or translations of the Bible available. What is the version or translation of the Bible you read most often in your personal time?

GROWTH - Daily growing with God

Do you use a daily devotional?

Have you read the Bible Chronologically?

Are you the type of person who reads the Bible as you feel led by the Spirit?

In what format do you prefer to use the Bible?

GROUPS - To live life with other believers

The Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life

Would you prefer to follow the teaching and take notes:

GIFTS - Discover your giftings and opportunities to use them

How do you grow best in your stage of life?

Do you consider yourself to be a

How long have you been with the Dream City Church family?

GIVING - Pour your life into others, i.e. financially, prayerfully and emotionally

In what ways are you currently involved at DCC? (Mark all that apply)

AltarKidsYouthDrama MediaWorshipBandGreeters / UshersParking LotSmall GroupSmall Group LeaderBus MinistrySpecial NeedsCare NetworkPhoenix Dream CenterMom's PantryHospitality

If, and when you financially give to DCC, what is your preferred method of giving?

If, and when you give, have you found it easy or difficult?

Offering envelope

Lobby Kiosk


Online Giving

DCC Church App

How may we better stay connected with you?

What is your preferred method that we should communicate with you?

What is the frequency of communication you wish to receive from DCC?

How many times per week

Preferred Campus

Let’s make sure the information we have on you is current

First name (s)

Last name (s)



Child 1 - First name

Do you want to add: school grade, diseased, comment?

Child 2 - First name

Child 3 - First name

Child 4 - First name

Child 5 - First name

Additonal children? Please list there name and age in the additional comments field.

Additonal comments of your family / children you wish to share:

Preferred E-mail

Phone (Area code + Number)

Marital Status

If married, your spouses name:


How do you wish to be involved at Dream City Church?