Volunteer Covenant

  • Thank you for your desire to support the mission and vision of Dream City Church (DCC). We are grateful for the privilege of partnering with you to serve God by serving others. We understand that due to our diverse life experiences, we may possess differing ideas about how best to serve and love others in the context of Christian community. For this reason, we ask volunteer leaders to commit to the following standards to ensure unity in pursuit of our vision.

    Please read through each statement, and if you agree with all of them, please complete the agreement at the end of the form.

    I commit to pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through regular Bible study and prayer. I recognize that I never outgrow my need for further emotional and spiritual maturity. If my emotional needs are too great or have gone unattended, the focus of ministry will be on myself, rather than the needs of others.

    I recognize that gathering together in worship is essential to growing my personal faith, as well as making me available to be used in the lives of others. I commit to regularly attending worship services at DCC.

    I agree to guard the unity of DCC by refraining from gossip, slander, or divisiveness. I will be intentional about working through conflict with other believers and seeking resolution and reconciliation.

    I recognize the leadership of DCC is accountable to God to oversee this faith family. I commit to regularly praying for church leadership and the mission of DCC. As a person of influence, I commit to being a voice of support.

    I commit to attending any necessary meetings and training sessions, as well as communicating regularly with leadership. If I say I will be there, I will be there. If not, I will let leadership know.

    I commit to serving others with compassion recognizing the Holy Spirit is the One who transforms lives. My job is to love people. The Holy Spirit’s job is to lead people into all truth and set them free.

    I acknowledge the Bible as the written Word of God and final authority in matters of faith and morals. I commit to embody the core beliefs and values of DCC and lead an exemplary Christian lifestyle. I agree that as a volunteer I will be a witness to the good news of salvation by the way I live my life (Matthew 5:16). Activities that would constitute violations of this standard would include drunkenness and drug abuse, sexual immorality (including adultery, fornication/cohabitation, homosexual behavior, same-sex marriage, bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest and use of pornography), criminal conduct, and physical or verbal abuse. If I find myself struggling with any personal sin, I will seek help, be accountable, and commit to recovery. I also understand I may be asked to step back from my ministry position for a time in order to focus on my own spiritual health.

    I covenant to do my best to honor God and others as a faithful DCC leader. I commit to the above standards, especially mindful that people will look to me as a leader.

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About Us

Dream City Church is a community of people united in our common mission to gather as God’s people, grow in understanding of God’s Word and grace, and reach out to serve others in Jesus’ name. Angel and I, invite you to join us as the Dream City Church community gathers and grows in relationship with God and one another. Everyone is welcome. If there is a way we can be helpful to you and/or your family, please let us know.

New Here?

DREAM CITY CHURCH (formerly Phoenix First Assembly) is one church in many locations, shining God’s light and impacting a city. From its early beginnings as a tent meeting to becoming a multi-campus church, Dream City Church progressively lives out its mission to reveal Christ to the world by loving people, cultivating community, and inspiring hope.


Colorado City, Arizona
980 W. Field Ave.

Phoenix, Arizona
13613 N. Cave Creek Rd.

Glendale, Arizona
21000 N 75th Ave.

Scottsdale, Arizona
28700 N Pima Rd.

Omaha, Nebraska
8433 W. Center Rd.

White Mountains
4703 Vallery Ln.

Our Ministries

The ministries at Dream City Church are available to you and your family to get you plugged in, to help you grow, and to connect you with people in similar walks of life. From family ministries, to outreach ministries, and everything in between, we’re sure that you’ll feel right at home.


There's always something exciting happening at Dream City, from outreach to Broadway style theater productions! There's always something for the whole family.

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