Kingdom Builders know there is more.

KINGDOM BUILDERS is a group of committed people giving over and above their tithe to advance the Kingdom of God. Funds drive outreach, education, and campus expansion initiatives. Through intentional living and abundant sacrifice, the body of Christ comes together to support the work of the Lord. Your generosity is the catalyst that helps us change the world! 

What happens when I give to Kingdom Builders?

At Dream City Church, we believe in the tithe – giving back to God the first 10% of our income. The tithe is a commandment from God found all throughout the Bible (Gen. 14, Lev. 27, Neh. 10, Prov. 3, etc.). 

When we come together in unity as the Body of Christ, we are able to reach the lost and hurting in His name. This money funds everyday operations and ministry needs at the church.

A Kingdom Builder is someone who gives any amount above their tithe, because they understand what Christ has done for them. 

Kingdom Builders is rooted in generosity because it is the catalyst that allows us to step into the fullness God has planned for us. When you posture yourself to be an over and above giver and set priorities around advancing God’s plans, we become the hands and feet of Jesus so we can bring honor and glory to His name. 

The church is God's Hands extended to the World.


Planning allows us to create a blueprint for how we will act in obedience to what the Lord has entrusted us with. Having a plan in place is the perfect place to start in your journey to becoming a Kingdom Builder. 


Next, ask God to give you a vision for what He could do through you with His help. This is beyond what you can do in your natural income. This is your Peter moment- to step out in faith. Write your vision down and pray about it. Nothing will ever replace the power of prayer. This is where we acknowledge our desperate need for God and that without Him, we are missing the bread of life! 


Now, ask yourself what your dream amount to give is. This number is only between you and God. With each step of faith you take, walking through your plan and stepping into your vision, God will bring you closer to that dream. 

Remember, every gift matters to God. It’s not the size of the gift, but the obedience to God’s voice that matters most.