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Welcome to another exciting episode of Hope Heroes, where we bring you inspiring stories and interviews that uplift the soul! In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Josh Moza, the director of Dream City College, a beacon of hope and education in the Christian community.


What makes Dream City College stand out among the myriad of Christian colleges? According to Josh, it’s the unique intersection between hands-on ministry and top-notch education. At Dream City College, students don’t just study theory; they actively engage in ministry, gaining practical experience that prepares them for their calling. 


Listed below are some answers to common questions and some of the ways Dream City College stands out from other Christian colleges:


What Are Hands-On Ministry Opportunities at Dream City College?


One example of this hands-on approach is the partnership between Dream City College and Dream Center, a ministry of Dream City Church dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. 


Here, students play a vital role in offering love, comfort, and encouragement to those in desperate need. Through practical acts of kindness and genuine companionship, they embody the essence of Christian compassion. They are there to live life with them and show them what healthy relationships look like.


What Makes Dream City College Stand Apart for Christian Students?


Every student emerges from this program profoundly changed – their connection with Jesus strengthened, and their zeal to impact the world ablaze. Our aim extends beyond merely providing a ministry experience; we also cultivate a vibrant college atmosphere, fostering friendships, community bonds, and dorm life. Most of our graduates pursue full-time ministry roles, many joining the staff at Dream City Church.


But What if Ministry Isn’t My Calling?


Fear not! Students aren’t just gaining hands-on ministry experience but also earning a legitimate degree from Southeastern University, a prestigious private Christian institution. Dream City College serves as an extension site of Southeastern, ensuring students receive a quality education grounded in Christian values.


Dream City College offers a wide range of degrees, all rooted in Christian principles. Whether you’re pursuing business, psychology, communications, or much more, you’ll receive a solid education that reinforces your faith. Not only will you receive a quality education, but your faith is strengthened, and your passion ignited. The goal isn’t just to produce graduates; it’s to nurture world-changers and people committed to making a difference in God’s kingdom.


What About the College Experience?


The truth is that the traditional college experience is often overhyped and overpriced, especially when it comes to dorm living. At Dream City College, we believe in cultivating a rich sense of community through alternative means. We host regular family nights and facilitate connections between our students and young adults, ensuring that even those from out of town feel like they belong.


Our students also embark on impactful mission trips, fostering deep bonds and creating lasting memories. Dream City College offers a smaller, more intimate community setting that nurtures genuine connections. Most importantly, we hold our students to a higher standard, where behaviors like excessive drinking, partying, and promiscuity are not tolerated, fostering an environment of respect, integrity, and purpose.


Dream City College is an ideal choice for parents seeking a Christian college where their children can thrive without the typical distractions found on many campuses today. Even if your child isn’t drawn to ministry, consider the option of spending their first two years at Dream City College. Here, they’ll receive excellent foundational teaching and invaluable ministry experience. It serves as a nurturing environment for building a solid foundation before transitioning to a more diverse setting. Alternatively, students can opt to stay for all four years and still earn a respected degree, regardless of their career path. 

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re searching for a college where faith and education intersect, look no further than Dream City College. Join us in shaping the future of Christian leadership and making Arizona known for nurturing faith. Visit to learn more. Dream big because your dreams are our mission at Dream City College!

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