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In a world filled with darkness, Matt Spicknall’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and community. In this episode of Hope Heroes, we will learn about Matt’s transition from a childhood steeped in Catholicism to a tumultuous adolescence marked by a descent into satanism and substance abuse. Matt’s journey is a raw and unfiltered narrative of redemption.


The teachings of the Catholic Church shaped Matt’s early years. Overall, his time there was positive; he was a committed believer in the Bible and attended church regularly. But an unexpected twist altered the course of his spiritual journey. Matt’s world was shaken at the tender age of 11 when he discovered explicit material and drugs in his priest’s possession. Confronted with this dissonance between faith and reality, he made the difficult decision to turn away from Christianity, feeling betrayed by the very institution that was meant to guide him.


His departure from the church led Matt into a turbulent period of rebellion. Embracing a newfound sense of freedom, he found himself surrounded by friends experimenting with the dark arts of satanism. At first, the allure of inclusivity and the promise of unrestricted happiness seemed enticing. However, the sinister underbelly of satanic principles, including advocating harm to those who disrespected him and the darkness of blood sacrifices, soon revealed itself.


The path back to Christianity for Matt began unexpectedly, intertwined with his involvement in theater. Though surrounded by Christians, he openly proclaimed his spiritual stance, adorned with crystals as symbols of his rejection of Christianity. Despite his reluctance, an opportunity arose for Matt to contribute his skills to a church sound system project. Ironically, he was thrust onto the worship team, although he had not yet become a Christian. 


Within the Christian community, Matt discovered the love, inclusion, and belonging that had eluded him in Satanism. The peace and joy he encountered were not superficial; they emanated from a genuine sense of community and spiritual connection. It was through this unexpected return to faith that Matt’s life was transformed.


Today, Matt Spicknall is a respected leader at Dreamy City Youth Group, offering guidance and support to high school students who find themselves grappling with similar challenges. He has become a beacon of hope, making himself available to those in need. Matt’s story underscores the importance of investing young people in communities that provide support, inclusion, and a sense of belonging.


For parents with middle or high-school-aged children, Matt offers this advice drawn from his own life experiences:


  • Give serious consideration to withdrawing your children from public schools. The teachings that children are consistently exposed to throughout the day in public schools not only lack a Christian foundation but contradict Christian principles. Their daily immersion in these teachings significantly influences and shapes them, often more than any other factor. In recent years, the situation has notably worsened. 


  • Invest your children in a Christian community. Even if, initially, they are merely drawn by the prospect of community and friendships, finding that sense of belonging through the church or youth group is immensely valuable and well worth the effort.


If you’re a parent with middle or high-school-aged children, we strongly encourage you to connect them with Dream City Youth. It’s a vibrant community fostering joy, fellowship, and a deep sense of belonging, with dedicated leaders willing to invest their time in your children. Please visit our website or contact us at Dream City Church today for additional details.


Matt Spicknall’s story is from our Hope Heroes video series, where we share real-life stories of healing and hope through Jesus Christ. To view and subscribe to our Hope Heroes YouTube Channel, click here.

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