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This episode of Hope Heroes welcomes Angel Barnett, the CEO of Dream Institute, who has worked closely with the Short Creek Dream Center. Many of the people of Short Creek have suffered from oppressive and abusive situations. We aim to help transition them toward the following:

  • Escaping domestic violence
  • Recovering from substance abuse
  • Overcoming homelessness
  • Healing from trauma
  • Developing crucial life skills and more.

 What is the Short Creek Dream Center?

Created to provide relief, support, and healing to the residents of Short Creek, The Short Creek Dream Center serves individuals who have endured significant trauma and abuse. We provide a 40-bed residential support center where we assist people going through significant life changes. Our services encompass a range of areas, such as substance abuse recovery, crisis intervention, and life skills development, among others.

The Short Creek Dream Center has endeavored to create a safe community where people can heal and transition, especially for those who enrolled in the Dream Center Ministry and are now ready to transition back into regular life. 

Here are a few practical ways we seek to provide tangible help to those in need: 

  • Community Support: At the Short Creek Dream Center, we understand that the journey to recovery and independence is not always easy. For those who have successfully completed our residential support program, transitioning back to regular life can pose a challenge. The pressure to return to old habits or relationships can be overwhelming, hindering their progress toward independence. To provide ongoing support, we have established a community where individuals can find housing and receive training to find employment.
  • Transitional Housing: Upon acquiring a 44-bedroom house, we recognized the need for a complete renovation, as the property held painful memories for the community. Our goal was to transform every room into a space designed for healing, where we could offer customized programs to meet the specific needs of each individual.

We aim to create a safe and nurturing environment where people can build friendships, find protection for their children, and continue to work towards their goals. We recognize that rushing the transition process can be counterproductive, so we take a gradual approach. We have created housing so they can have a place to live, build friendships, and potentially raise and nurture their children during this vulnerable transitional time.

While our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to become independent, we acknowledge the importance of providing ongoing support to ensure their success as they transition into regular life. 

What is “No Strings Attached?”

The concept of “No Strings Attached” centers around our vision and passion for sharing the love of Christ with others, without expecting anything in return. Those we seek to serve have often endured traumatic experiences and have often been treated as mere entertainment by the outside world. Reporters and photographers come and go, but we aspire to be a constant presence in their lives, offering support and helping to facilitate their journey every step of the way.


Our goal is to introduce the message of Christ’s love. We approach this task with sensitivity, recognizing that many have been exposed to a distorted, radical, or abusive version of Jesus. Our primary focus is demonstrating Christ’s love through our actions and service, building relationships, and providing a safe space where individuals can experience compassion and care.

How Can You Help?

  • Financial: You can donate financially. We always need financial support for staffing,  housing, resources, and many other tangible needs so that we can strive to be the feet and hands of Christ to clothe, feed and love those in need.
  • Community Impact: Are you a business owner? We are seeking various businesses that can address practical needs within the community while also providing training in a trade or skill that could lead to future income opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to empower people to become independent. Many of those we serve have experienced abuse and have limited access to basic necessities like dental care or education.

For example, if you own a hair salon or dental clinic, your services would fill a critical need within this community. Businesses like yours can play a pivotal role in helping individuals develop the skills and resources they need to achieve independence by offering practical assistance and training opportunities. We invite business owners to join us in this vital work as we strive to positively impact the lives of those in need. So bring your business opportunities!

  • Mission Trips: We also offer regular mission trips and would invite you to participate in those as well! 
  • Pray: Please continue to keep our ministry in your prayers, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we are doing at the Short Creek Dream Center!

 For more information, please visit our website!

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