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The final competition will take place in the sanctuary between the two teams who have the highest score of points. The final two teams compete on the platform in the sanctuary executing four core military exercises – Push Ups, Sit Ups, Air Squats, and Pull Ups.

Each exercise will be for two minutes. The team that scores the most points with the most adequately executed exercises within the two-minute segments will be the Champion of the Forge Warrior Challenge Games.

The Champion Team will be awarded the Forge Warrior Challenge Champion Trophy to be taken back to their church or church campus for bragging rights until the next year’s conference challenge.

This will be a unique challenging competition and inspirational message hosted by Robert Owens, who has accomplished significant challenges in his lifetime. He has completed 12 Iron Man Triathlons, completed the “300 of Sparta”- a 238-mile endurance race across Greece, the World Marathon Challenge – 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents, rowed 3,500 miles across the Atlantic in 43 days and completed Seal Fit Kokura 50-hour challenge, best described as a Navy SEAL style hell week.

Sign up for the Forge Conference today and get your Forge Warrior Challenge team training for the greatest event of the fall!

Using the Facilities of  Dream City Church.