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You have been chosen to be H3. This invitation is only for you.

What is H3?

H3 is an invitation only, 12-month experience meant to enhance the brotherhood in our Church. You will be an elite group of men that will gain valuable life experience. Groups of 12 young men and 1-2 mentors will meet monthly for a hangout. You will also have paid trips for two weekend outdoor adventure experiences and two weekend mission trips that will include things like deep sea fishing and camping at Zion National Park. H3 gear, swag, and most meals included!

Our Mission:

To mentor, equip, and empower young men to respond to the challenge of being the man that God has called them to be through transformation of heart, soul, mind, and body in order to thrive in life.

The H3 Experience joins friends and mentors to shape and form you for the next challenge in life. Draw closer to God and your community and be empowered to embrace your inheritance, identity, and destiny in Christ.

 What is required to join?

  • $100 entry fee (non-refundable)
  • Time commitment
  • Meet ups once a month at certain homes
  • Weekend Experience: 4 times a year
  • Keep H3 within H3 unless you are recruiting someone for next cycle of H3

In order to be accepted into H3, you must sign a commitment, as we want guys that are going to take this journey to the next level.
Click below to review and sign the commitment form. Please return to Josh Chumley.

H3 Application