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When we committed to write a marriage curriculum for DREAMarriage couples, we looked 

at all the possible topics and prayed about where to start. We wrote them down, categorized them, and put them in a power point. Though these are subjects we will cover, we knew that the very first lesson was especially important because it would be foundational for the entire series. 

Then one day, we received clarity on how to begin: to start where we started when we were first presented with the marriage ministry opportunity, when we defined the vision, when we presented our plan, and when we developed the team. 

Start with prayer

Wherever you are today and however long you’ve been married, we pray that you will be blessed as we dive deeper into this subject. We pray that the Holy Spirit will eliminate any obstacles, that your reason to pray will move from duty to desire, and that you will witness the power of your prayers. Let’s begin. 

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