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We loved honoring and cherishing the incredible love and sacrifices of mothers this month. As we finish out the month of May, Kingdom Builders wants to shine a spotlight on the remarkable mothers in our communities and the direct impact of your generosity. Here are some incredible stories made possible by your compassion and support.


This year has been especially tough for mothers and families to afford to send their kids to summer camp, especially those with multiple children. We are excited to provide you with an update on our Kingdom Builders summer camp scholarship program. Thanks to your action, 170 students aged 11-18 years old have been sponsored for an incredible time at Dream City Youth Summer Camp! Your generosity has given them the chance to nurture their faith, create lifelong memories, and form meaningful connections. Lives will be changed forever because of your gift. Investing in the next generation has never been more crucial, and mothers all over the valley are profoundly grateful for your impact. THANK YOU!


Moms Pantry continues to be a beacon of hope for mothers in need. As a Kingdom Builder, you have provided ongoing vital support to countless mothers and families, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals and essential resources. So far in May, you have provided 964 households with 30,134 pounds of food and resources. THANK YOU! Read this inspiring story of a single mother named Julie who came to Mom’s Pantry in search of help and hope:

“Simply put, Mom’s Pantry helps with what everyone needs. Food, drinks, household resources, hope, love, genuine care, and even a new-found appreciation and trust in people. I’d suddenly become a single parent who didn’t realize that needing help is actually human. I never knew it was so hard to ask for help, more importantly that it’s okay! Really in some form or another-we all need it, we’re human!

I’d known about Mom’s Pantry before finding myself in one of the hardest places I’ve personally been. I began going for the basics and brought my son. To this day we have been greeted with nothing less than a genuine smile, dignity, and kindness. Through food, drinks, diapers you name it. Mom’s Pantry has been a life changer. My son who I took at 2 years old to Mom’s pantry, now has his first year of school done. He graduated with awards, the best grades a kindergartener can get.

Through this I have learned about kindness, love, community and being genuine, truth telling, good days bad days, and appreciation. My outgoing young man now knows what happy tears are! He smiles still when mom cries! I found open doors, a way through, a kindness that never fails, a new perspective, friendships, a non- blood family, advice, hope, and a whole lot of love and happiness. For anyone who thinks it’s over or that circumstances can’t change, it can, it will, and it’s not hopeless. 

With the utmost gratitude, 



As we wrap up this month of honoring mothers, we are reminded of the profound impact of generosity in transforming lives and strengthening communities. Thank you for your continued action in making these vital ministries possible.

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