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Message: “Building In A Crisis” from Brad Baker

Brad Baker - August 12, 2020

Building In A Crisis

Nehemiah knew that he could not rebuild the wall without the help of other people. When he goes to Jerusalem, the people are defeated, apathetic, living among ruins. Twice before in the last ninety years somebody has tried to rebuild the wall. They've failed twice. They have no confidence. They're negative. For ninety years they've been saying it can't be done. Nehemiah arrives on the scene and within a matter of days he has rallied the support of the entire city. He puts them together, mobilizes them, rebuilds the wall in 52 days. This was something that had not been done in 90 years. The question is how did Nehemiah pull it off when other people had failed? Was he a miracle worker? No, He was just a great leader. And he understood the principles of motivation.

From Series: "Rebuilding Our Future Together"

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