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Care Ministries

Care Ministries is the support network through which we take care of our Dream City family. If you are experiencing a significant life event or need assistance with basic needs, we want to encourage and support you spiritually and practically through the many avenues of care at Dream City Church.


One of our care pastors would be happy to meet with you for prayer support and to connect you to resources within our network. However, we are unable to provide professional counseling. We can refer you to professional counselors we trust and connect you with a DCC Focus Group to provide emotional and spiritual support. We have adult small groups for finance education, addiction recovery, grief support, divorce recovery, and abuse recovery.

To set up an appointment with a care pastor, contact us at 602-404-7461 or


The death of a loved one is filled with complex emotions, and planning a funeral or memorial service can feel overwhelming. Dream City Church is ready to support you during this difficult time.

We offer:

  • Guidance when working with local funeral homes and making final arrangements
  • Hosting a funeral or memorial service at a DCC campus
  • Help securing a pastor to lead the funeral or memorial service
  • Aftercare through a “Grief Share” support group

To let us know about the death of a loved one, please call us at 602-404-7461 to speak with one of our care pastors who will listen, pray, and help guide you.


Dream City Church wants to extend love and care to those experiencing major life events such as hospitalization, diagnosis of illnesses, and major accidents.

If you would like to request a hospital visitation or desire to report a care need, please contacts us at 602-404-7461. Our care team will receive your request and begin follow-up. You may also contact us at