Creative Arts

Creative Arts is one of the most exciting ministries at Dream City Church! Each week, hundreds of volunteers work together to present the music and special presentations seen by everyone at our main services.

Dream City Church is especially known for its major annual events such as Dream Conference, Easter, and Creative Arts is a major contributor to that through the talent and skills within the church. We are diverse in so many ways and are always looking for new people to get involved. If you are new to the arts or want to expand your skills in certain areas, we also provide opportunities to ‘grow your talent’ through workshops and classes.


You are a worshiper. Think about it. All you say, all you do, think and feel – they all point to something. That thought alone can be a frightening one, but even in our doubts, fears, anger, and lonliness we can reach for that which is greater than us. As we reach, we worship. Worship is our response to who God is and what He has done in His creation and through His son Jesus Christ.

Media & Production

Our Media & Production team help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. We have several opportunities available where you can get involved like camera operators, graphics operators, lighting designers, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage.

A place to dream.

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