Phoenix Dream Center

The Phoenix Dream Center serves over 40,000 people each month and believes in the incredible potential of the at-risk youth, homeless, and needy within our community. Services at the Phoenix Dream Center include a residential rehabilitation program, shelter and care for victims of human trafficking, affordable housing for men and women in transition, and distribution of food and clothing throughout various Phoenix neighborhoods where the predominately poor reside.

The mission and vision of the Phoenix Dream Center is to help at-risk youth and the needy families of our community by restoring hope and allowing them to dream again. The Phoenix Dream Center aims to become an inner city resource that will help distribute hope to the homeless, food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, and restoration to the broken.

Short Creek Dream Center

The Dream Center is a non-profit trauma recovery and crisis housing for victims with origins to FLDS religion and the Short Creek area. We also focus on basic life skills, GED prep, reading assessment, counseling and community engagement. Dream Center just expanded with opening the City Help Center to focus on health education, nutrition and food bank distribution. Both facilities are located in the Colorado City/Hildale community of “Short Creek”.

We are volunteer driven and supported by private donors from all over the world that believe in providing hope and healing to this community.  All services and resources offered are completely free of charge!

Mom’s Pantry

Our food distribution center, also known as Mom’s Pantry, was built on the bedrock of a single goal: that no man, woman, or child go hungry. It was created because there is a significant need in our community to help families with their struggle against hunger. In Arizona, one in five families does not have the ability to provide enough food to feed the entire household. Our founders and donors have been blessed with food on their table and believe that no individual should ever have to go hungry. Through the collaboration and generosity of a local family and interested parties, the vision and mission to combat hunger brought Mom’s Pantry to life. Mom’s Pantry is always stocked and ready for the next visitor.

Streetlight USA

Healing and hope begin in the first few minutes and hours a young girl arrives. We are there for her in crisis. The first two weeks are critical and pivotal for what happens next. Our trauma-informed staff identifies each girl’s immediate physical and emotional needs and works to help her stabilize and prepare for steps forward.

Care for each girl is tailored to her specific needs and circumstances. Programming includes services to meet her physical (e.g., medical, nutritional) and emotional needs through a mix of direct care staff, mentors, case managers, therapists, survivors and Christ-centered care.

Thrive AZ

Since opening its doors in August of 2016, Phoenix-based Thrive AZ has made it their mission to change the lives of countless Arizona families for the better. Thrive AZ has played an integral role in foster care prevention and biological family reunification by connecting deserving families with critical resources and support that would otherwise be out of reach.

Every month we have over 100 families on our case load that we are actively working with to ensure we can prevent their children from having to enter into the foster care system or reunifying those who are already in the system. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re there when kids turn 18 and have no where to go.

Stop Traffic Walk

The Stop Traffic Walk raises funds for the nation’s largest human trafficking rescue & rehabilitation program at the Phoenix Dream Center and StreetLightUSA. The funds you raise through Stop Traffic Walks in your city will help rescue trafficked individuals, and give them the skills necessary to build a strong and vibrant life.

Upcoming Walks
Phoenix, AZ – January 30th 2021

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