Special Needs


By definition, the term compassion means a feeling of deep sympathy & sorrow for another’s suffering or misfortune accompanied by a desire to alleviate the pain or remove its cause.

At Dream City Church, we desire to show the love of Christ and provide a place of hope and belonging to individuals with special needs and their families. We are committed to willingly show kindness to those who cannot offer benevolence in return, to do and give beyond what is required. We desire to see God’s unique individuals become all they were created to be.


Care Center Ministry
We are meeting the spiritual needs in care centers/rehabs/senior homes/group homes in our city. This is a ministry of presence. Those who volunteer for this outreach receive specialized training. This is our local mission field! We have many ways and places for people to use their gifts. It just takes heart to start!
Special Needs Sunday Morning Class
This is an exclusive weekly class for the intellectually and physically challenged adults. It is unique, fun loving, and includes great fellowship, live music, and delicious refreshments. The Word of God is taught, bringing them encouragement and challenging them to be all God has called them to be. Special events outside of the class are planned on a regular basis and birthdays are celebrated.
Summer Camp
This is a five-day experience in cool Northern Arizona every summer. The week consists of water slides, zip line, arts and crafts, recreation, morning chapels, evening prayer and church services, and lots of love and laughter. It takes many volunteers including caregivers, kitchen staff, speakers and teachers, recreation staff, worship teams, and bus drivers. It also takes many other volunteers helping to raise funds to send our special needs to this camp. Currently in the spring, we host a classy dinner and auction that raises most of these funds.
Special Night at the Celebration of Christmas
Dream City Church has a world class, state of the art Christmas pageant produced every December, drawing over 70,000 attendees from across the Valley over the course of its 16 performances. The first night is an exclusive performance strictly for seniors and special needs audience. That night takes 100+ volunteers to serve the 3,000+ that attend. Preparations start in August. We assist in every area of need with wheelchairs, seating, and buses, providing them white glove treatment from start to finish. This is definitely the highlight of their year!
Wheelchair Bus Ministry
We provide wheelchair accessible buses and scheduled pick-up for our special needs adults every Sunday morning. They come early to attend their own Sunday morning class and then church service. This is the highlight of their week and allows them to be a part of the church family. The bus drivers, bus helpers, and assistants are all volunteers.
“Take The Plunge”
Accommodations are made to baptize our special needs people by building a ramp and a platform to safely immerse them by taking them down backwards in a wheelchair. We do this 3X a year. It’s an unique way and much desired by many wanting to be water baptized like everyone else.
Christmas Gift Bags
Our compassion ministries bring the joy of Christmas to the elderly, special needs, and those who live in Care Centers, the VA hospital, and group homes by providing and delivering 1,800 gift bags. All of it is provided through donations from local businesses and the church community. It is a church-wide event to put it all together and takes most of the year to get it done.
Medical Equipment Lending Closet
We raised money to buy a 40ft. storage unit to house medical equipment. We depend solely on donations of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, bath benches, bedside commodes, and much more to give to those that are in need in our community free of charge. We don’t ask for names or phone numbers, we simply give them what they need. We get so much donated that we are able to give to other ministries in need of donations!

Special Needs Ministry Needs YOU

God calls you to show His love to others by the way you serve. You then embody the meaning of COMPASSION. You have been personally invited to be a part of one of the most exciting ministries at Dream City Church. Would you consider one service a week or twice a month to help invest in the lives of our Special People?


  • Sunday Morning Class Help
  • Driving a Wheelchair Bus
  • Helping on a Wheelchair Bus
  • Helping in Special Events

  • Teach, Worship, Lead Bible Studies
  • Volunteer at Summer Camp for Special Needs Adults
  • Help Make Christmas Gift Bags
  • Assist with Donations for Gift Bags
  • Begin showing God’s love in your serving

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