I am so thankful that you have just made the most important decision of your life, which is to follow Jesus Christ. When you raised your hand, you began a journey that will enrich you in ways you can’t imagine today. As you look around our church, you see people who began their faith journey just like you did, with one simple yet life-changing choice. And if you would take a moment to talk to each one, they would share with you a personal story about their life in Christ. I know that you will have your own story to share too.

This Bible that you hold in your hand is the guidebook for your new life. It provides you with a road map for your journey, answers life’s most challenging questions, and offers insight into living the best life God has for you.

Not only does it help you learn about God, it also gives you a better understanding of yourself. That’s why we are called Dream City Church. It’s through discovering Jesus that we discover ourselves and the dreams that God has placed in our hearts.

When we follow Jesus, life is an exciting adventure, but He doesn’t want us to walk alone. That’s where community comes in. We don’t just gather on Sundays; we provide opportunities to do life together. That’s our commitment to you.

I want you to know that I consider it an honor to be your pastor. Our entire staff and I are excited to join you on this incredible journey. We are here to serve.

May God richly bless you,
Pastor Luke & Angel Barnett