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Getting baptized is simply a public declaration of your faith. This symbolic act of Water Baptism tells those around you that the sins of your past have been washed clean and you are showing the whole world through your baptism that you are basing your life on Jesus Christ, the solid rock. Going under water represents your old life, when you come out of the water represents your brand new life with Jesus Christ. When you are in a right relationship with Jesus Christ, you can live every single day with the assurance that God is going to give you guidance for our life. He sets you free!

Got Questions?

Who should get baptized?

Anyone who has made the decision to eagerly follow Jesus Christ as their Lord (complete Authority) and Savior (ultimate Redeemer) is encouraged to get baptized.

Why should I get baptized?

Actions speak louder than words. And being baptized is a symbolic action that boldly declares, “I worship and serve Jesus Christ!”

Can I still go to Heaven if I don't get baptized?

Absolutely. Confessing your sins to God and proclaiming Jesus as your Lord and Savior are what get you into Heaven. Baptism is simply the next step in your Christian faith. Getting baptized is like wearing a wedding ring – it’s the outside symbol of the commitment you made in your heart. (Romans 10:9)

Where is water baptism found in the Bible?

As his name implies, John the Baptist went about calling people to repentance and baptizing them in order to prepare the way for the coming of his cousin Jesus. We see in Mark 1 and Matthew 3 that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by John before he ever began His ministry. Later in Acts 8:26-39, we read an account of Philip baptizing a man that the Spirit had led him to speak to. These are just a few examples, but obviously there is a Biblical backing for baptism.

I'm registered, what now?

When arriving on campus prior to the service you are scheduled, be sure to check in. You will receive your name tag and any additional instructions.

What do I wear?

Wear clothes to service that you will want to be baptized in. These clothes should be a dark color and loose. We suggest dark shorts and a loose t-shirt.

What should I bring?

Dry towel, complete change of clothes & undergarments, flip flops, and necessary toiletries. All the above items should be in a bag with your name clearly marked.

Do I have to be fully immersed under water?

Yes. Colossians 2:12 states that baptism symbolizes our being buried with Christ, dying in the flesh (going underwater) and then being raised with Him as we are born again (coming up out of the water). This also means we do not baptize babies.

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