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Freedom Series

Freedom is a ten-week encounter that teaches you how to hear God’s voice, break free from your past, and become the person you were created to be. The Freedom series consists of nine weeks of teaching; as we believe it is the power of God’s Word and learning to cooperate with Holy Spirit that truly transforms a person.

Our transformation is worked out in our life through daily devotion, prayer, participating in weekly services, and being a witness to the world.

The final session is focused on the ministry of Holy Spirit, and provides an opportunity to be filled with Holy Spirit.

Freedom Growth Track

Freedom Foundation

  • Week 1 – Hidden things in our heart
  • Week 2 – Dying to Self
  • Week 3 – Hearing God

Stepping into More Freedom

  • Week 4 – Kingdom Parables
  • Week 5 – Levels of Change
  • Week 6 – Addictions
  • Week 7 – Forgiveness
  • Week 8 – Biblical Boundaries
  • Week 9 – Living Life in God’s Kingdom

Holy Spirit Encounter

Week 10 – Be filled daily with Holy Spirit