We are dedicated followers of Jesus, who use our unique God-given talents and passions to spread God’s Word across the globe, as well as to help one another grow and follow the calling God has placed on our lives. Every campus has its own personality, but together, we are Dream City.

Senior Leadership

  • Tommy Barnett
    Tommy Barnett
  • Angel Barnett
    Angel Barnett
    President; Dream Institute
  • Luke Barnett
    Luke Barnett
    Senior Pastor
  • All
  • Accounting
  • Creative Arts
  • Kids
  • Marketing
  • Media & Productions
  • Peter Moses
    Peter Moses
    Contribution Specialist
  • Brooke Baker
    Brooke Baker
    Director of Creative Arts
  • Dennis Herzog
    Dennis Herzog
    Assistant Media Director
  • Tatum Redmond
    Tatum Redmond
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Tobias Redmond
    Tobias Redmond
    Children's Pastor; Scottsdale