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Rahab’s inclusion in the faith Hall of Fame is remarkable considering her unconventional background. Not only was she a Gentile and not born into the Jewish lineage, but her profession as a harlot added layers of complexity. 

In Joshua chapter 2, Joshua assigned two men the task of gathering intelligence on the city of Jericho before initiating the siege. As the men arrived, they sought refuge in the house of Rahab, who bravely concealed them. Word quickly spread among the people of Jericho about the presence of these spies, leading them to question Rahab about their whereabouts. However, Rahab cunningly deceived the inhabitants, claiming that the two men had taken a different path.

Rahab displayed incredible courage and made a decisive choice to stand for her belief in God. In a remarkable act of loyalty to the Lord, Rahab chose to align herself with Him, even if it meant turning against her own people and cultural background. 

With Whom Are You Aligning Yourself?

As followers of Christ, we are often faced with a crucial decision between seeking popularity with the world or aligning ourselves with the Lord. Embracing a life dedicated to Christ can demand making choices that go against the prevailing culture. It is during these moments that we may find ourselves standing alone, seemingly on the wrong side of history. 

Rahab’s faith was resolute as she firmly planted herself with the Lord, regardless of how the world reacted. She expressed her unwavering belief by saying to the two men, I know that God has given you this land. She said, “Now then, please swear to me by the Lord that you will show kindness to my family because I have shown kindness to you.”

Notice the order of events. First she aligned herself with the Lord against her culture and THEN she cut her deal.

We tend to want to cut our deals first. If you just fix this problem, Lord, if you bless me with money then I will tithe, if you fix my problem, then I will worship you the rest of my days. 

But sometimes God asks us to step out in faith before we receive an answer. God asks, “Will you trust me?

There are certain “Red Sea,” moments in life, where we find ourselves needing to take a step of faith even when faced with uncertainty, trusting that the waters will part, and the path will be made clear. 

When the walls of Jericho crumbled and the city faced destruction, Rahab and her family experienced a miraculous deliverance. While everyone else met their demise, Rahab and her loved ones were protected and kept safe. 

If you are lacking the answers you seek or sensing a delay in God’s transformative work, it could be that He is calling you to stand firm in Him, just as Rahab did. God may be testing your love and faithfulness. Are you living by sight instead of faith? By standing firm in faith, you create space for God’s transformative power to manifest in remarkable ways.

Rahab’s Deliverance:

  • Rahab and her family safely escaped the catastrophe in the city
  • Rahab was given a husband from among the Israelites and included among God’s people
  • Rahab is in the lineage of Christ
  • Rahab made it into the Faith Hall of Fame 

Just as God performed incredible acts for Rahab, who might have been overlooked or deemed unremarkable, He is more than capable of doing even greater things for you. Your past does not define your worth or limit God’s love and grace in your life. 

 *God can take a mess and make a miracle*

Faith and Works

The Bible clearly teaches that we are saved by grace alone apart from works. We know that we cannot earn our salvation. But Rahab’s actions are mentioned in James chapter 2, where it says, “Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way?”

We know that Rahab’s actions did not save her; Christ saved her. Why then does James say that she was justified by her works?

There is an important distinction here. Salvation can only come through faith alone, yes, but James is talking about a different type of justification. When you accept Christ, it is all free Grace, you are justified and forgiven and that is what gets you to heaven.

So what is justification by works?

This is when God brings Heaven down to you. When we make choices to follow Christ and take a stand against the prevailing culture, we can trust that God will meet us right where we are. He extends His presence and guidance into every aspect of our lives, including our families, life circumstances, finances – all of it! 

WORKS are FAITH demonstrated.

Is God Asking You to Take A Stance?

Rahab hid the men of God and she was therefore covered by God’s grace and delivered. Far too many of us are living uncovered. We will get to heaven, but we aren’t receiving heaven right now, today, in our work, lives, and families.

Do you feel like your life is far too much of a hot mess? Remember, God specializes in hot messes. If you make your choice to follow him in spite of what the world around you says, then He will bring deliverance and joy beyond what you can imagine. He will bring heaven to you.

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