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For whatever reason, Churches often seem to steer clear of discussing heaven. Many Christians assume that if you are too heavenly-minded, you will be no earthly good. However, when the concept of heaven isn’t a central focus for the church, it can inadvertently foster a self-centered perspective.

Surprisingly, research suggests only a slight disparity in the moral values and behaviors between Christians and non-Christians. Without a robust understanding of eternity and the significance of heaven, the purpose behind our actions on earth can lose meaning. We will instead attempt to find heaven on earth. 

Did you know that there are over 500 Bible verses about heaven? As we delve into our ongoing exploration— “What Did Jesus Say About…?”—our focus turns to heaven. Within this context, Jesus shared six fundamental insights shedding light on the afterlife.

Observation #1: God Planted Eternity in the Human Heart 

Deep within every human heart lies an inexplicable longing for something beyond our current existence. No amount of material or earthly success can quench this thirst. The Bible suggests that God has planted a seed of eternity within us, a yearning that no worldly achievement can satiate. Attempting to fill this void with anything but a genuine connection with Jesus only leaves us grappling with dissatisfaction.

Observation #2: Heaven is a Prepared Place for a Prepared People

Jesus gives his followers a comforting glimpse of heaven, comparing it to a place he’s getting ready. In John 14:2, he shows a preview of his Father’s house, where many mansions are being prepared. This isn’t some vague, otherworldly idea; it’s a real, solid place. Think of it as the perfect homecoming, a sanctuary that brings the warmth and security of a loving father’s house.

Observation #3: Heaven is A Precious Place

The treasures of heaven go beyond gold and jewels. They’re rooted in the profound experience of meeting Jesus face-to-face, a moment that eclipses any earthly joy. The prospect of reuniting with loved ones who share our faith infuses heaven with a unique delight. 

Observation #4: Our Riches Are in Heaven

Our true wealth lies in heaven. It’s a reward for our faithfulness, a treasure beyond compare. An inheritance of unparalleled permanence awaits us – one that won’t decay, be spoiled, or diminish over time. As we embrace a life following God, a profound transformation occurs: we become heirs to His boundless treasures, with God assuming the role of our Father and us inheriting His eternal riches.

Observation #5: Earthly Residents, Heavenly Citizens

Our journey on this earth is temporary, a pilgrimage leading to our ultimate home in heaven. In this sense, our citizenship lies beyond the skies. This revelation can reshape our priorities, guiding us away from chasing fleeting pleasures and towards eternal significance.

Observation #5: Pursuing the Eternal Prize

Jesus recognizes and honors those who face challenges for the sake of their faith. He promises rewards that extend far beyond the confines of this world. It’s a testament to His appreciation for our dedication and a source of encouragement for those navigating difficulties.

Observation #6: The Book of Life

Jesus reminds us that only those whose names are recorded in the Book of Life gain entry into heaven. This isn’t about status or recognition; it hinges on embracing Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life. It’s a reminder that our journey toward heaven begins with a personal connection to Him.

So, take a moment to reflect – is your reservation secured in heaven’s guest list? 

Is your name etched in the Book of Life? 

If doubts arise, know that there’s an invitation waiting for you. If you’ve drifted from your faith, consider this your moment to find your way back. And if you’re already on the path, are you zealously running toward your eternal reward?

Jesus’ insights into heaven offer us a compass for navigating life’s challenges, joys, and uncertainties. They remind us that our existence here is part of a grander narrative, leading us toward a homecoming like no other. Jesus invites you to embrace the promise of heaven while fully engaging in the present, knowing that our earthly journey is a preparation for the heavenly adventure that awaits.

The above is an abbreviated version of the message that Pastor Luke originally preached on June 11, 2023. We invite you to join us for Sunday Service at Dream City Church each week to hear Pastor Luke and other speakers in person. You can also stream our services online here. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it with someone who might need to hear this powerful message!


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