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If you had the opportunity to receive advice from the foremost expert in your field of interest, would you take it? Imagine being in the stock market and having Warren Buffett offer you personal advice. It would be foolish not to heed his words.

As we embark on a new series called “What Did Jesus Say About___?” Over the next few weeks, we will delve into the teachings of the master Himself, Jesus. Jesus was not only a master over nature, people, and disease, but also a Master Teacher. While we can all recognize the importance of consulting experts in our field of study, we ironically often fail to consult the reigning expert over all of life itself: Jesus Christ.

The Guest Teacher:

Early in His ministry, Jesus returned to Nazareth, his hometown, and visited a synagogue where people gathered to hear the word and receive teachings. As a guest teacher that day, Jesus, accompanied by those who had known him since childhood, read from the scroll. At that moment, Jesus captured everyone’s attention. 

This was particularly note-worthy because these were the people that knew Him well, people He grew up with, and probably people He had played with as a kid. Yet when He taught them, they were astonished. The crowd was shocked when He declared, “Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Although some were offended and rejected his words, Jesus continued to teach thousands, undeterred. 

The term “teacher” was used to describe Jesus more than 40 times. His teaching astonished and challenged people, establishing him as a brilliant and influential figure.

“Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed. ‘Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?’ they asked.” (Matthew 13:54).

Why Jesus Was the Most Brilliant Teacher:

  • Teaching Style: Jesus taught with unparalleled authority. Those who listened to him were astonished because he spoke with conviction and absolute certainty. He often contrasted traditional teachings, saying, “You have heard it said, but I tell you.” Jesus’ words carried an air of truth and authenticity that no one else possessed. His teaching remains the most authoritative in the entire New Testament. 

No one else could have gotten away with saying the scandalous things He said. More books have been written about Jesus than any other person. Entire civilizations have been built on his teachings, and we actually get to be His students! Instead of seeking answers from popular figures or media personalities, we have the unique opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn directly from him.

  • Target Audience: Jesus’ teachings focused on offering good news to the marginalized and the forgotten. He intentionally chose disciples from among society’s outcasts, demonstrating God’s compassionate nature. Jesus actively recruited disciples that no self-respecting Rabbi would ever recruit. He called them by name.

Jesus actively pursued those who were lost, expressing the heart of a loving God. His disciples became apprentices, learning from the master himself. Jesus aimed to guide people toward a life-transforming relationship with him.

  • Depth of Teaching: Jesus’ teachings went beyond a mere list of rules and regulations. He revealed the fundamental truths about God’s character, referring to God as “Abba Father” or “Daddy.” Jesus invited us to have an intimate, loving relationship with God, our tender and caring Father. He also shed light on our true identities and presented the reality of eternal life. Jesus taught us about various aspects of life, including our purpose and the pursuit of genuine joy.
  • Exemplary Life: Jesus taught profound truths and lived them out in his daily life. His disciples witnessed his character and observed his impeccable conduct. Jesus never engaged in gossip, lust, greed, or arrogance. Despite taking a stand for righteousness, he remained approachable and humble, radiating gratitude and an infectious zest for life. Through his actions, Jesus embodied the ideals he taught, inspiring his followers to strive for the same.

In this series: What Did Jesus Say About___? We are privileged to sit at the feet of the master, Jesus, the wisest man who ever lived. We can encounter the God of all the universe, be transformed, and become more like Him: a wise, authoritative, kind, humble troublemaker. The kind of person that is instrumental in building God’s kingdom on earth. 

The above is an abbreviated version of the message that Pastor Luke originally preached on May 28th, 2023. We invite you to join us for Sunday Service at Dream City Church each week to hear Pastor Luke and other speakers in person. You can also stream our services online here. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it with someone who might need to hear this powerful message!

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