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“Our mission is to lead people into a fully-devoted relationship with Jesus Christ by loving people, cultivating community, and inspiring hope.”

This form is to be completed by a Pastor or Small Group Leader at Dream City Church. The applicant has applied for a Tier 3 leadership position at Dream City Church. As we take our leadership very seriously, it is important for us to know each person’s level of faithfulness, commitment, and spiritual maturity. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible.

To be completed by a Pastor or Small Group Leader from DCC:


Applicant name who desires to move into a Tier 3 leadership position:





Does the applicant regularly attend weekly services?

The applicant has been attending Dream City Church for how many years and months (YY/MM)  Example: For 1 year, and 5 months, you would enter 0105  

Please list the Tier 2 ministries in which the applicant is currently involved.

If this person is not actively involved at DCC, please do not continue to fill out this form. The applicant needs to be actively involved in Tier 2 ministry before proceeding to Tier 3.


Why would you recommend this applicant for a Tier 3 leadership position? And, what is the leadership role this person desires to serve in?


Please evaluate the applicant the best you can:

Interest in helping others grow spiritually:

How has this person helped others grow spiritually:

Respect and submission to authority:

Strength of character:

What is the strongest fruit of the spirit you see in this individual:

What is the weakest fruit of the spirit you see in this individual:

How many times have you heard this person pray in the past 12 months:

Does this person have daily personal devotions:

What gifts of the spirit have you witnessed this person operate in within the past year:

Word of WisdomWord of KnowledgeDiscerning of SpiritsTongues (not personal prayer language)Interpretation of TonguesProphecyGift of FaithHealingsWorking of Miracles

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NOTE: This form is not to be printed and given back to the applicant.